oh darn, okay the rest of the pictures I’m just getting the hang of this

interior photos of my house … I told you it would be wonderful when I got it clean…

the table is glorious, yes?

Here are the cattle that come through the yard every day and trim the weeds (and leave fertilizer for my flower beds that don’t have flowers yet but they will someday I think)

this is a piece of furniture to sit on but to me as an American it looks like a very big very sturdy coffee table

and now a couple of critters

my Tokay gecko, blurry because the only camera I have is my phone and it doesn’t have flash and this was in the middle of the night.

you can barely see it but there’s a skink under the step there, it has yellow and green stripes on its flank, and it’s a lizard with particularly small scales that are very smooth so it has a satin like appearance.  It has a body reminiscent of a snake except for the tiny legs and it eats the milipedes that I particularly dislike.  This on the back porch with the broken washing machine that came with the house.

and finally  the frog I found in my backpack.  I have no idea how long it had been there.  Let’s assume it had just arrived, okay?

Hope you like the pictures!  (they take forever to upload at the internet connection speed I have, but the method to insert them is actually pretty straightforward so all this time with no pictures is no reflection on the wordpress website, just me and my lack of patience for the uploads)


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