A Visit to the Rwandan National Library



There are adult sections in English, French, and Kinyarwanda


looking down the stairwell from the second floor all the way to the basement, children’s area

For fun, this post is formatted as a photo search task, followed by an explanation of the context of my visit to the Rwandan National Library.  Here are some photos of the library building, there is no photo of the outside as it was dark and that photo wasn’t worth the pixels.  And now for the puzzles.

In the adult fiction area many of the books are shelved alphabetically by author.  Find a title by an author who recently celebrated her 100th birthday.


In this next shot I/ve gone to the basement to see what’s available for children. This section is not as well organized. I’ve highlighted a favorite picture book, although the other books represent a range of fiction and nonfiction. Enlarge the picture (by clicking on it) and find a title from National Geographic.


Now find a reference book for a typist, and a classic phonics instruction book.


Something by Earnest Thompson Seton and something by Voltaire.


Pick your favorite title from this group.


And, see, we have space for many more books.  How to get more books?


One of the new PCR volunteers in my group learned of an evening event at the Rwandan National Library and invited others to come along.  Several of us took the bus down in the evening and some attended the event: a discussion of the role of France in the genocide with a couple of specialist scholars.  I went to the library, but checked out the “Kids Zone,” then took pictures, and finally sat down to read Clements’ No Talking.  You may know this author from The Report Card or Frindle.  The title I found was new to me, and Gandhi is important to the plot development.  I recommend it.



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